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After conducting extensive interviews, Nolen & Associates determined that Kliklok-Woodman (KW) had a troubling image problem. Over the past several years, a number of unpleasant rumors had begun to circulate among KW’s clients and the industry as a whole. These rumors were in part due to KW’s reduced marketing/advertising efforts and the lack of a clear marketing message or defined positioning. The perception of Kliklok-Woodman was that it was outdated, not customer-focused, and about to be sold.


An image overhaul: Nolen & Associates came up with new messaging to immediately communicate both KW’s core offering as the manufacturer of custom packaging machinery and new positioning as customer focused. The message "Packaging Machinery with a Custom(er) Attitude" became the umbrella under which all aspects of an integrated marketing plan would roll out. The "Custom(er) Attitude" message was launched through bold spread advertising in the industry’s top trade publications, a new user-friendly company website, and the production of updated collateral materials to be distributed at major trade shows.


According to Ross Long, Vice President of Kliklok-Woodman, the results were outstanding. Ross asserts that Nolen & Associates "managed to bridge our absence from the market in a way that is quickly making up for lost time." He further recognizes the impact of the website redesign. "The response to this completely new website has been overwhelmingly positive from our employees and, more importantly, our customers. We have a more professional image to our customers and that seems to have a follow-through effect when our sales people are speaking to prospects or existing customers." With an increase in sales, the image overhaul has been such a success that KW has continued to build on the same creative platform for its next set of print ads and website expansion.