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To launch a brand new paper-based packaging solution that could be used as a theft-deterrent but would also be easier to get into than traditional plastic clamshell packages. The key was to communicate seemingly opposite concepts to two key groups. Retailers needed to understand that the product's tear-resistant, theft-deterrent properties kept their high-end products safe. Manufacturers needed to know that the alternate packaging is easier to open and less dangerous than plastic clamshells, a big asset for their clients. The packaging also had more room for graphic images so products could quickly be found in stores.


Nolen created a new tagline for Natralock™,  "Lock In Your Product But Don't Lock Out Your Customer." The name and tagline communicate Natralock's core assets: it is difficult to steal but much easier to open than traditional plastic clamshells, and it is paper-based and therefore partially recyclable. The new creative concept was utilized in targeted trade print ads, two impressive leave-behind pieces, and an informational website. Both leave-behind pieces showcase the impressive printed graphics and tear-resistant strength.

One 9"x11" piece showcases the new package with its impressive printed graphics and tear-resistant strength of the new package. One is designed specifically to allow a hands-on comparison. A large box made of CNK® Coated Board encases two locks—one packaged in Natralock and the other in a traditional plastic clamshell. This allows the recipient to experience firsthand all the aspects of Natralock we worked to promote.


A few weeks after the press release and first print ads went out, MeadWestvaco gained the interest of (and appointments with) several key accounts. One was a major club store and the other a major appliance manufacturer whose attention MeadWestvaco had been trying to gain for over 10 years. The Natralock site that Nolen & Associates designed was critical to this success. Mike Skrovanek, former Vice President of Marketing for MeadWestvaco's Coated Board Division, explains, "Nolen quickly crafted a simple site to get us out there...the right person saw the ads and immediately went to our website, registered on the website and got their information to our sales force. We'll be able to close the loop with that company after many years."